ND Bound 2012

We are heading back "home" and will be relocating to ND in the next couple of months. My husband, Neil got a great job with the USFWS and will transfer soon. It would be a large understatement to say that I am nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, happy, sad and excited all at the same time.. Keaton doesn't get it, and Beckett has been packing his toys for days now. Asking which of our things will be going with us. Today he asked if his teachers would be moving to the new house, too. Broke my heart, but I think this is best for our family. We will miss Lewistown very much, and we are grateful for all of the friends we've made since we've been here. Beckett and Keaton were born here! I started my career as an RN here! Neil and I were newlyweds here! We've gained and lost pets, began new adventures, started preschool, etc. So much has happened to us since we arrived, it will certainly be hard to leave. Bittersweetness aside, get ready North Dakota... We are coming for ya!!